What is Blazit Cloud?

Blazit Cloud enables users to upload video, audio, and PDF files to create online multimedia marketing campaigns. If your business uses a website, blog, email and social media, Blazit can step-up your Internet brand. Send, embed and download your marketing campaigns over the Internet.

blazit cloud

The Advantages

Rather than storing all your businesses marketing on multiple computers and servers at the office, Blazit offers the abiltiy to catalog and store them all in the Blazit Cloud .

  1. Your Blazit Cloud when updated changes your media where ever it exists on the Internet.
  2. Cloud Refresh randomly switches the media in the campaign, keep the campaign NEW.
  3. View Cloud Media allows viewers to reach into the Cloud to select their media.
  4. Businesses can create a Blazit Business PDF using the Create PDF button.

Your Blazit Cloud

Get easy access any where and anytime even when you are not in the office. With help of Blazit Cloud you can create media campaigns that will never get outdated.

media manager

Blazit Cloud data is stored on a secure server and is regulary backed up. We make sure appropriate measures have been taken to secure all your personal data.

Using Blazit Cloud is easy. Starts with a free sign up. Then add your media, sharing it throughout the Internet.

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