1. What exactly do I get when I sign up for Blazit's FREE Account?

2. What are the site features that might interest me?

3. What are the requirements to be included in our Search Directory?

4. What are the required media format types that I can upload?

Blazit media formats:

5. Are there any size limitations for media that I want to upload?

6. How can I convert my media files if I do not have the required formats?

You can use third party service for example online media converter.

7. How many media files can I load into my media campaign?

Uploading files are unlimited. Blazit offers 50MB of initial memory space for all campaign profiles. User's can purchase additional memory space, if needed. Blazit provides 5 individual profiles, as part of our FREE membership package. See pricing for more information.

8. What is an Embed PDF?

Video and Audio media players directly implanted into marketing material. A digital PDF document with embedded media. See - Embed PDF for more information.

9. How do I get an Embed PDF in my profile?

Embed PDF is a Blazit fee based service. See pricing for more information.

10. Are Blazit Embed PDF safe?

Blazit .pdf files created by Blazit, LLC have built in security protection and can not be edited so are protected against viruses. Blazit Cloud data are stored on secure server and are backed up daily. We make sure appropriate measures have been taken to secure all your personal data.

11. Why is the Embed PDF not displaying correctly in my browser.

You need to update the Adobe Reader software. Download latest Adobe Reader You need to make Adobe Reader the default PDF program on your computer.

12. What type of camera should I use to record my own video?

We recommend the following video media sources to record your video.

Video output from any of these camera choices will produce adequate video quality for web applications. See our video guide for camera and media tutorials.

Don't have time or knowledge to create your own media?

Blazit can help connect you. Contact us for more details.

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