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Why Sponsor ? is not a new video website and has been around since 2009. With the re-launch of the site it is our mission to provide a place where people can go to discuss issues effecting them without the worry of censorship if someone reports your profile. Our commitment is to not hide behind an email address and to provide real live customer service that will give you a thorough, prompt review of your account to ensure acceptance to our terms of service and operational guidelines.

Since our funding will not be financially backed by Big Business Corporate America and based on everyday people (AKA - sponsors), our video website will be run by the people for the people.

One of the biggest challenges facing us is an out-dated website backend. Our hope is to start redesign of the entire site, getting it up todays 2016 multimedia technology standards, fixing current bugs and improving the overall technology. Our goal is to provide the excellence in video quality performance and functionality as YouTube.