Start Your Campaign in Five Simple Steps

1. Sign Up and Log-in

To start your campaign you need first to sign up and log-in.
It's free and we won't waste your time as we require only your email, password and username.

2. Customize your Campaign

Click on Edit Campaign ( arrow), then click Customize Campaign ( arrow).
Fill in your information for our marketing search engine. Be sure to give your campaign a name. ( arrow)


3. Upload your Media

Click on Campaign Media (above arrow) ) to upload your media.

upload media

4. Preview your Campaign

You can preview your profile by clicking the preview campaign link in the top right corner.

preview campaign

5. Embed your Media

To embed your media, press the embed button and select and copy the code from the dropdown menu into your website. You can embed video, audio and pdf.

embed button

Start your campaign now

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