Best Video Editing Tools

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Blazit is an affiliate of Blazit Marketing.  Blazit Marketing makes a lot of videos for our clients and have used a variety of tools to do so.  Often we’re asked for our favorites and so from time to time we’d like to highlight tools, products, or even techniques that make our lives easier.

Video Editing Software

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Improve your sales using Blazit Media Campaigns


How video can improve your Business Sales

Using video can add the midas touch to advertising your business. I recently hired an Internet marketer to do an analysis of Blazit. I had seen his services advertised as a video in a job posting in the website, PeoplePerHour.

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The Real Value of Facebook LIKES

facebook likes

Why do you need Facebook Likes?

Is it important to increase your LIKEs when marketing a Facebook business page? Businesses just beginning the development of a social media strategy on Facebook find themselves spending lots of time trying to develop an online presence and brand. The usual focus starts with an insatiable appetite for obtaining Facebook Likes. One must ask yourself, is the time really being well spent? Is it really worth the return on investment?

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Market a Business PDF in Social Media

business pdf

Social Media Business PDF

Advertise your company in social media with a business pdf. A social media business PDF is a digital document that is your “BUSINESS CALLING CARD”. The contents of your PDF can be anything you want it to be. Social Media Business PDF can be used in Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. It can be used in news feeds, status updates and discussions.

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